Thr33 Ringz

3 07 2008

T-Pain’s third album, Thr33 Ringz, was set to release on September 30, 2008, but is now set for November 11, 2008 because of problems with Silver & Gold, which will not be featured on the album (reason why is on Two of the songs, his first single Can”t Believe It featuring Lil Wayne, released July 28, and his second single, Chopped N Skrewed featuring Ludacris, released September 23, can be downloaded. T-Pain has released his third single Freeze featuring Chris Brown on October 14, 2008. He has also performed two other songs called Ring Leader Man at the 2008 BET Awards and Badside at Indig02 Arena in London. The song Ringleader Man will be released on October 28 for the “iTunes Countdown to Thr33 Ringz” and not as a single. I believe that this album should be good by the way the songs are sounding, Chopped N Screwed featuring Ludacris is sounding great, go to to listen to it, and, to listen to Can’t Believe It featuring Lil Wayne, which is the first single off the new album, go to Go to to listen to Freeze featuring Chris Brown. All single’s album covers are supposed to be like circus flyers, as well as his music videos and style of dress, which all tie into the overall theme, the circus. Also, we have a short preview of the song Ring Leader Man from the BET Awards.

Guest appearances include Ludacris, Chris Brown, Ciara, Lil Wayne, Akon, T.I., Kanye West, Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn, Diddy, Mary J. Blige DJ Khaled, and Jay Lyriq, Young Ca$h and Tay Dizm of Nappy Boy Entertainment.

T-Pain has released a mixtap called Pr33 Ringz, which proves T-Pain’s rapping skills. Go to to listen.

We have a list of confirmed tracks off the album:

1 “Welcome to Thr33 Ringz”

2 “Ringleader Man”

3 “Chopped N Skrewed” featuring Ludacris

4 “Take A Ride (Skit)”

5 “Freeze” featuring Chris Brown

6 “Blowing Up” featuring Ciara

7 “Can’t Believe It” featuring Lil Wayne

8 “It Ain’t Me” featuring Akon and T.I.

9 “Feed The Lion (Skit)”

10 “Therapy” featuring Kanye West

11 “Long Lap Dance Song”

12 “The Reality Show” featuring Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn and Jay Lyriq

13 “Keep Going”

14 “Superstar Lady” featuring Young Ca$h

15 “Change” featuring Akon, Diddy and Mary J. Blige 

16 “Digital” featuring Tay Dizm

17 “Karaoke” featuring DJ Khaled

The Deluxe Edition will include:

18 “Distorted”

19 “Sweet”

20 “Bad Side”

21 “Phantom”

Music Videos:

“Can’t Believe It”:

“Chopped N Skrewed”:

“Freeze”: Unreleased

There is also another album in production set for realease in 2009 called T-Pain Is Dead. There will be more rock sounds and no Auto-Tune (synthesizer) effect. He plans on doing songs with country and western artists. A possible track is called That’s Not Cool, which he played at a party.

Album Cover

Album Cover

T-Pain and Lil Wayne are also in progress of a collaboration album called He Rap, He Sing set to be realeased in 2008/2009. They will go under the name T-Wayne.





2 responses

29 10 2008

I wanted to ask you do you know why they had problems with the song “silver and gold” I liked that song.

-My boss at work had told me that the beat to that song was from someone else’s song and stuff do you think thats what it was?

let me know if you know anything about it just was a bit curious

-Thanks Gerardo
You can e-mail

26 11 2010

i want to be a musicman

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