The New Madden Looks Friggin Sweet!!!

7 07 2008

i am not only a maddenite myself, but i am attempting to go pro in madden on the xbox 360. so from the moment madden 09 was announced, i have been on EVERY SINGLE DAY for updates, and let me tell you, this madden rips the balls off any other sports game. PERIOD.

this madden has, not 1, not 2, but 85 NEW improvements!

the first thing that some fellow maddenites will be excited about is the death of that annoying radio broadcaster guy. he has now been replaced by the old school tv broadcast style. YAY!

the second thing that die-hards will recognize instantly is that there is a new bluff system reminisant to that of the old skool madden. (ya know, where you press buttons instead of moving the analog stick and telling your opponent to stop looking at your plays) this is the feature that i myself have been diying for. 

annyway, i will post a full review in the future when i camp out and get madden 09, but until then, look me up on xbox live for some old skool ass cuttin at DMStudMuffin15. holla!


Heres a video of the New York Giants vs. New England Patriots in Madden 09. Enjoy!





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