Hancock Review SPOILER ALERT

9 07 2008

hancock well, this fourth of July weekend i went to the movies to check out Hancock, and i must tell you before i actually start reviewing, that this will be ONE GIANT SPOILER ALERT!!!!! so for the punks who read this and say “wow what a duche bag, he didnt even warn us” i will find a new way to waterboard you/tourture you and not go to jail for it.

anyway, Will Smith stars in yet another summer movie, (Independance Day, Men in Black, Men in Black 2) and to some, does not dissapoint.
Smith plays as a superhero/bum that really doesnt give a F about anything, John Hancock. though he has super cool shoes, the city of angles (Las Angelus stupids) hate Hancock exponentionaly due to Hancock’s ruthless nature and carefree attitude.
in the first 15 minuets, Hancock will have you pumped and ready to kick some ass.
then in about the last hour or so in the movie, Hancock will have you saying “WTF?”
and thats the best way to explain it with no spoilers, but because i am to awesome for that, i am about to spill all the beans right now.

Upon savig a guy who turns out to be a public relations, the guy (ray) is motivated to change Hancocks public image in return for saving his life. at first, Hancock blows it off, but once a warrant is issued for his arrest he decides to change.
BUT, rays wife (mary) is skeptacle about the whole situation for some reason that we do not find out about until about halfway into the movie. anyway, Hancock goes to jail, but a massive bank robbery gets him out early. somewhat forced to change his fighting style, Hancock finds a way to save the day without causing a bagillion dollars of damage to the city.

this is where the giant spoilier happens

when Hancock returns to rays house ray is not there and mary tries her best to get Hancock to leave. but for some reason, Hancock is attracted to mary and as soon as he leans in for a kiss, mary throws Hancock about 2 miles down the road, which reveals to us that she has super strength.
to make a long story short, mary is another superhero, Hancocks wife to be exact, and the closer the two are, the more mortal they become.
the only way that people can shape their opinion about this movie is dependant upon their opinion on the mega twist, and because i liked the twist, i liked the movie. other people will be confused as mess and angry at the movie.

so, there you have it. Hancock is a great movie anyway, but if you dont like the giant twist then you wont like the movie. my rating, 4 steaming Firehouse Subs, out of 5.





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