iPhone Killer

9 07 2008

Could this be the phone to end the iPhone’s reign?

The new iphone 3G will support faster 3G (third generation) data speeds and Assisted GPS.

Samsung Instinct

The Samsung Instinct is another mobile smartphone designed by Samsung Mobile and is known to be a direct competitor with the iPhone. It using a Haptic touchscreen and 3 buttons. It also functions as a camara phone, portable media player, text messenger, and a complete web browser and e-mail client. It was released on June 20th, before the iPhone 3G which realeases on July 11th. The Instict is being offered at $129 (after rebates, with no rebates it’s something along $450, but i would consider the rebates) unlike the iPhone which is offered at $199 with rebates. Currently it is only available through Sprint. The specifications as listed on the Samsung Instinct website are:

Screen size: 7.87 cm (3.1 in)

Screen resolution: 240×432 pixels

Input method: Haptic touch-screen interface

Storage: 2GB MicroSD Card (Upgradeable to 8GB)

Network: CDMA EV-DO Rev A (800MHz/1900MHz)

2 1000Ah Li-ion batteries, each capable of 5.75 continuous talk time

Size: 4.57″x2.17″0.49″ in

Weight: 4.4 oz

Other features:

-2 megapixel camara

-Video recording and streaming

-Full internet browser (WAP 2.0, XHTML, HTML, WML, WMLS)

-Personal organizer and voice memo recorder

-2nd bettery included

The iPhone and Instinct share many of the same features. There primary method of input in both phones is through a large touchscreen, but i prefer the Instinct for texting and for two-handed typers because it has a full horizontal keyboard, instead of iPhone’s cramped vertical keyboard where it is very easy to hit the wrong letter. Both have full featured web-browsing, but the Instict’s is much less developed than the iPhone’s Safari. Also, the iPhone is capable of using wi-fi as a solution to it’s lack of 3G service (until the iPhone 3G arrives), while the Instinct is not wi-fi capable but is 3G capable. The Instinct is capable of downloading music from the Sprint music store from anywhere on the Sprint network for the same .99 as iTunes. The Instinct is also capable of displaying live TV and radio, sending and recieveing multimedia messages, voice commands and video recording capability, all features not found on the iPhone. The Instinct also features a slightly longer battery life. The iPhone, however, has a higher resolution screen and the 16GB features a larger flash memory than the upgradeable 8GB memory stick for the Instinct. It is capable of syncing e-mail accounts, web bookmarks, contacts, and calenders from the users computer, a feature not on the Instinct. The Instinct does have Pop3 access to e-mail accounts like Gmail and corporate email. But, the Instinct has had mostly positive reviews. It won awards such as “Best in Show” – CTIA Wireless 2008, “Best Cell Phone CTIA” – CNET April 2008, Winner “Mobile CE Smartphone” – CTIA Wireless 2008.

Samsung Glyde

Coming soon…

LG Voyager

Coming soon…

Apple iPhone/iPhone 3G

Coming soon…

I will update each of these phones as soon as possible.





One response

19 06 2009

No. I have this phone and I have used an iPhone. There is a world of difference. The GUI alone makes the iPhone 10x better. On its best day, the Voyager couldn’t kill the iPhone.

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