Transformers 2, More Than Meets The Rumor Filled Internet

9 07 2008
hells yeah

hells yeah

well, you heard it here first, (unless you were watching the MTV movie awards and heard Megan Fox scream out “We’re filiming the sequel tomorow!!!”) THERE WILL BE A TRANSFORMERS 2!!!
this is another reason besides Gears of War 2 that we here at Ace4 (shadow and i) are about to crap our pants.
it has sorta leeked on the internet already on wikipedia and scattered the web, but only Ace 4 will tell you the straight up truth.
if anybody has seen the first Transformers, which im pretty sure you have, then you saw Starscream fly into space during the final battle at the end of the movie.
this is good because we know that Michel Bay wont pull one of those “Megatron somehow lived and will have to fight all over again! im a duche!” moves on us. instead, hes being cool about it and making a whole new storyline.
the sequel, titled Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, will feature a lot more robots/cars, more action, and more Megan Fox. what else do i have to say to make you see this movie?!
the story is yet again set around Shia LeBouf and his hot rod camero/transformer that i wish i had, and his college life. but starscream (the jet that is the awesomest villan ever) has to F it all up for him. ’nuff said.
so there you go, go see the movie and look for the guy with the optimus prime helmet thing on in the back row. thatll be me.





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