Tha Carter 3 Review

10 07 2008

i just now recently heard Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 3, and before listening to it, i hated lil wayne

now that i have heard it, i dont hate him, i just think that he is VERY overrated.
it started with an idea to go see hancock with my cusins, but when i entered his car, he started to blast Tha Carter 3. on our way there, i heard what had to be the worst song i have ever heard, excusing soulja boy’s “do do head”.
all i could hear was “WEEZY, phone home! WEEZY, phone home” for at least five minuets straight. it souded like that was all that the song was about. he was screaming so loud i couldnt even hear his own rap.
although, the only great songs worth mentioning on his cd are “A Mili”, because it has a very simple/sick beat and freestyle type rap to it, and “La La LA” (yes, that is the real name of the song) because it has a catchy chorus. to me, the BEST song was “Mr. Carter” which features Jay Z and has the sickest beat on the cd. the chorus is sick too. tracks:

“3 Peat”

“Mr. Carter” feat. Jay-Z

“A Milli”

“Got Money” feat. T-Pain

“Comfortable” feat. Babyface

“Dr. Carter”

“Phone Home”

“Tie My Hands” feat Robin Thicke

“Mrs. Officer” feat Bobby Valentino

“Let The Beat Build”

“Shoot Me Down” feat. D. Carter

“Lollipop” feat. Static Major

“La La La” feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes

“Playing With Fire” feat. Betty Wright

“You Ain’t got Nuthin” feat. Fabolous & Juelz Santana


other than those three songs, i wouldnt buy anything else. but, this is just my opinion. if you want a better cd with sorta the same style, just pick up a copy of Graduation by Kanye West, or buy Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool.
so at the end of the day, Tha Carter 3 is about average, something you would expect from a guy who raps with a grill in his mouth (mike jones).
so, IN MY OPINION, Tha Carter 3 gets 3 lighting fast Jimmy Johns Subs out of 5




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