E3 Day 1: Microsoft Day

15 07 2008


Today was the first day of the E3 convention, which is basicity a herding ground for nerds, geeks, and everything in between. the first, and only company to crush rumors, and/or approve them.

the first game to debut at E3 was Fallout 3, which is basicity oblivion set in modern day times. to be completely honest, i wasnt necessarily blown away by the game, it tried to be funny to much and lacked an adrenal burst. the game is set in a post apocalyptic washington DC during the year 2235 or so. the game has over 100 hours of gameplay and a boatload of downloadable content. the game also has a lot of different weapons that you can use to wreak havoc with, but the bad thing about using these weapons is that somebody at the production studio thought it would cool to allow the player to completely stop the game and use a robot to target the enemy’s head for a perfect shot every time. this is what castrated the game of any balls it had left. the point is, Fallout 3 is just oblivion set in the year 2235. JUST FROM THIS TRAILER, id say that the game is a rent.

   another game that was shown in a demo format was Resident Evil 5, which looks like a major upgrade from the already awesome Resident Evil 4. the story-line is the same where you have to kill zombies. the demo looked pretty nice, the only bad thing i saw was the zombies. not graphicly, but they were so slow and it took like three rounds just to kill one. it made me think that if these zombies were real, all you would have to do is drive a hummer right over their undead asses. anyway, i will be sure to either rent or buy RE5, mostly because of its online co-op mode that is a first for the series. 

o hells yeah

o hells yeah

rfollowing the zombie/horror type thing, Gears 2 had a new demo that made me sad that we have to wait for November 7th to get a taste of this orgasmic game. thats the best way i can put it without going x-rated. the new demo showed a flamethrower that is WAY better than the one in halo 3 and MAYBE a chance to ride one of those ugly burmaks that have every weapon of mass destruction tied on its back. the hammer of dawn made a repeat showing and the locus seem to be everywhere. there was even a part where marcus had to use a super turrent to take out a whole army (which is playable by the way, not a cut scene) of advancing locus. the downlow on this game is: BUY IT. PERIOD. i dont care if you have a date with the newest miss universe, cancel it and camp out for this game because IT WILL BE BIGGER THAN HALO 3. 

another hyped game that was demoed was Fable 2. this game puts an interesting twist on the worn-out RPG genre. thats because this game allows you to interact like no other game has before. i mean, you can be a super bad-ass and the people in the game will treat you differently than they would a goody-goody-2 shoes. the cool thing about this game is that you can invite friends who are playing in their world into your own so that they can interact with the world in their way. so i suggest that you and your friend buy this game, then go kick some granny ass. this is a must have after you have stood in line for three days to get gears 2. 

Rock Band 2 also officially released all the tracks that would be playable on rock band 2, AND that ACDC would make a video game debut exclusively on rock band 2. but before rock band annouced that, Guitar Hero Wold Tour announced that Metalica would be on GHWT exclusively. this seems like the year that you and your punk-rock wannabe friends put a tv in the garage and buy both GHWT and Rock Band 2 because this year, these two games will duke it out to the death. i cant see a clear winner.



microsoft also had a little trick up their sleeve, which turned out to be a MAJOR upgrade to the xbox 360s main menu. the upgrade makes the dashboard into five boxes that can be scrolled left and right, resembling windows vista and apples cover-art flow. the upgrade also lets users create 3d avatars that look a lot like nintendos miis. the avatars have many changeable appearances and the cool thing about it is that when your friends show up online, thier avatar shows up with yours and you can im, send videos, and photos with them. this update is supposed to be avaiable next month.
all in all, bill gates will definately be getting richer in the next, o lets say 9999898549696 years or so. microsoft proved that they are the company to beat, and i believe that unless sony can do something amazing, then they will be out of the picture for console supremacy. nintendo will challange microsoft but most likely fail due to the lack of 5 star games and way-to-many-to-count crap games for its smash hit, wii. i am looking forward to seeing nintendo and sony butt heads tomorow.




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