E3 Day 2: Sony vs. Nintendo

16 07 2008

today is a special day because two of video gaming’s head-honchos square off today in what is a do or die battle royal. sony’s PS3 hasnt been doing well while the big n’s wii has been selling faster than anything thats autographed by Chuck Norris.


sick jj rider

sick jj rider

First off, Nintendo.
Going into this press confrence, people were expecting Nintendo to announce somthing gigantic, but they seemed to rely on that “games for everone” crap. they did, however, announce a new Animal Crossing game as well as a Grand Theft Auto game, yes GRAND THEFT AUTO, for the DS.
what can turn out to be a giant sleeper in the video game world is Animal Crossing: City Folk. i got the first Animal Crossing for the gamecube and i, and the rest of the world, fell in love with the game. the fact that they have made a new game for the wii shows that Nintendo remembers what made them what they are today, and that is fun, innovation, and originality. lately, there has been speculation of the new Animal Crossing game and now that Nintendo has confirmed it millions of people will get this game, as well as a new microphone that connects to the wiimote and allows you to talk to your friends on this game, as well as other smash hits like Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.
besides Animal Crossing, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown -something- (i hate subtitles). this is the first time GTA will hit the DS and i hope for Rock Star’s sake that it isnt a crappy game.


besides those games, nintendo kept on talking about how they would make (crappy) games for every gamer and that the games would be (crappy) easy to play. the only way nintendo has a chance at beating microsoft is by getting great games with super graphics. 

Sony, on the other hand, just got crapped upon by Bill Gates himself. the main objectives for sony was to have a mega-hype/go to game (like the 360’s gears or halo franchises) and to find a way to redeem themselves for making people buy a second refridarator AND for copying nintendos motion sensitve controls. 

they did sorta accomplish one of those objectives, and that was announcing God of War 3. this game may be the only thing to save the ps3 if it finds a way to take a crap on gears 2 (which i bet it wont). this game is the only game that i would by from sony’s press confrence, that is until they make Kingdom Hearts 3 since i am a HUMUNGOUS Kingdom Hearts fan. so if you dont have a ps3, dont rush to get one, wait for the reviews of God of War 3 and maybe a helluav a lot more great games to hit the ps3. 

so, here are what i think the scores of the big threes preformance at E3’08:

1. Microsoft (5 locus things getting curbed stomped out of 5)

2. Nintendo (3.5 fariyes circling around Link’s head out of 5)

3. Sony (for getting crapped on by nintendo. since when does nintendo take craps on companies? they get 1.5 out of 5)





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17 07 2008
ass hole

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