Gears of War Movie??? Leaked Plot

19 07 2008

possibly coming to a theater near you...
possibly coming to a theater near you…

while searching the net, and watching G4tv, a Gears of War movie could be shooting as we speak, but we wont know about it due to its secretcy. BUT, someone managed to get a possible leaked version of the movies plot, if the movie is real. they claim that the movie is about the battle at aspeo fields, which if youve played Gears of War youve heard carmine ask marcus fenix about the battle.
aspo fields appearently was a battle that happened before gears 1 and got marcus fenix into prison.
the SUPPOSED plot goes as followed:
theres a massive battle on the planet sera, COG soldiers are scared, Marcus and Dom get a rag-tag squad, as they come near the enemy’s leader, the leader commits suicide, the COG destroys the planet thinking theyve killed general RAMM but they didnt.
well, thats just a rumor about the movie and i hope no one takes this TOO seriously. i guess we just have to wait and see because i would LOVE to see a gears movie.





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