Batman: The Dark Knight

20 07 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight came to theaters yesterday (opening night), i luckily managed to grab a few seats for me and some buddies (my parents). We arrived at the theater around 8:30, we ended up buying tickets to the 10:45 show though. The 8:30, 9:15, and 10:00 movie were all sold out. With most new releases at our theater, they put out a line where you wait in to enter the movie from, so, we waited in this line for about an hour, but, we were some of the first ones in. About 15 minutes before the movie started, a little man walked into the front and center of the theater and said that this movie was 100% sold out and that all available seats must be filled. The Dark Knight‘s run time is about 2 and a half hr+, so we got home around 2 in the morning. But oh was it worth it. This movie was incredible, i mean, it’s no doubt the best of the series ever. Heath Ledger (Joker) as you all know, died after filming had ended, but his acting was phenomenal, he played this crazy little man like he really was him, putting no less than all his effort into every scene, he is probably going to be up for the Best Actor Academy Award and should win it. All the acting in this movie was crazy amazing. This film features Two-Face, as well, but you will have to see the movie yourself. I will not give you a plot summary, or any other kind of review, because this movie is worth every cent you are paying for at your over-priced movie theater, and does not deserve to be written down on virtual paper. You are now required to go and see this movie, even if your like me and have’nt seen the other Batman‘s, because this movie is going to be sitting in the #1 spot for quite awhile and should win plenty of awards.

In memory of Heath Ledger,





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