19 08 2008


we here at the ace 4 decided that with all of this debates over hot topics like abortion, offshore drilling, and the problems of the world in general, can eaisily be solved. so we decided to make a little segment called “Problem Solved”. 

now were not saying that your right or wrong. were not saying that you have to listen to us and obey us like some dictators (but it would be cool). we are just saying that whatever the problem may be, we have an idea of how to fix it. so dont get mad if you disagree with us, instead, debate your issue as a comment and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

now, todays topic is one that has had america debating for a couple of years. let me give you a hint, it involves a fetus, vacuum, and much blood. ABORTION.

the way i see it, guys should not even care about this topic given the fact that they cant give birth, and that should have girls up in flames. i mean, shouldnt it be up to the women to decide if giving up a baby is wrong or right? shouldnt guys be more interested in weather there will be a playoff in college football? i sure think so (last years championship could have eaisily been LSU-UGA or UGA-MIZZU).

the second thing that really pisses me off is that people say how wrong it is for a woman to have an abortion and why we should not let them have one. well maybe if women in general would stop going out in public wearing little to nothing and taunting guys with their bodies and basicity saying “yeah, i want to get screwed”, (not that anythings wrong with that 😉 ) then maybe the female wouldnt find herself pregnant. i mean, it takes two to have a baby. maybe you could stop getting screwed. or maybe you could learn how to defend yourself from rapist by carring a gun on your person.

the third problem i have with this whole issue is that people over-react about this whole issue. if you make abortion illeagle, then we are going to have an overpopulated america, more people in poverty, and possibly less strippers :(. but if abortion is leagleized (self choice) then all you have to do is say “no. i dont want one” or “yes. i need one”. its that simple. if you dont like it, dont get one. if you need one. get one. no more arguing over “well its still a child”. no more guys protesting something they have no power over. just a simple yes or no. 

geeez people. think. 



*****NOTICE***** i hate killing as much as the next person, but an embryo. basicity an egg and a single sperm. theres no way  you can defend that.




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