The Only Madden 09 Review that Matters

16 08 2008

Well my fellow maddenites, the time has come. the time we start to be taken seriously for the real competetors that we are. we are finally recognized not as aditcs, but as serious competive gamers. 

That means that madden 09 is out and it is kickin some ass. i personally got the game on Tuesday the day it came out and this game raises a few eyebrows in both a good way and a sorta good way.

Now im not saying that the new madden sucks or anything, but let me start with the bad news first: first off, when playing an online game and you are uberpwning a noob, (that means beating someone for those of you that dont know what im saying) you will NOT, i repeat, WILL NOT get a win if the other person quits, instead you can choose to quit yourself, giving up the chance to record stats and things, quit the game and count it, which simply records your stats after you quit, or finish the game aganist the cpu. what this means is that if im beating someone 55-3 at the end of the first quarter, i have to play the other three quarters like it was a regular “play now” game aganist the computer. this aggravates me to no end and it proably will do the same to you too. 

now the second problem is that this game is VERY different from Madden 08, and not only in its +85 improvements. in 08, you could easily trow a jump ball to Sydney Rice on the Vikings while he runs a fly and he would come down with it like Randy Moss. in 09, not so much. in 09, the defenders will automaticly play a star reciver better than in 08. great for the difficulty and gamers looking for a challange, but for me, this frustraded me given the fact that in 08 i was a semi-pro in madden, but EA Sports made 09 harder for veterans of the game, yet eaiser for noobs. 

the third major biggie is that EA lied to us about the graphics. true, the graphics are superb, the grass left stains in my tv as a matter of fact, but when we watch the comercials we see this:

but you dont get that. the game looks more like 08 than this. the only drastic difference is the physics of the players. for instance, if i am running the ball with LT, you can somewhat “feel” him claw into the grass when he makes a cut inside and breaks off a 50 yard TD run. 

Now for the good, but im afraid that theres so much good that ill run out of space.

the biggest great is the madden IQ feature. this is baisicly a grading system used to see how good you are at madden out of what i think is a possible 1000. (mines 608 for the record and its not slowing down) you get tested in the new virtual trainer wich is cool, but really shouldnt be that much of a big deal in my opinion. the endzone celebrations are fun because you can now steal a players celebration after a big play. i like to copy shawn merrimans dance thing alot when i play aganist san diego.

anyway, the point is that madden 09 is sick beyond sickness can go. if you want a schooling in 09, invite DMStudMuffin15 on xbox live and get a REAL review of the game



Another reason to love the Olympics…

7 08 2008

There names are Bia and Branca Feres, and not only are they models, but they are also accomplished synchronized at the national level and swam for the Brazilian Olympic team but they are not competeing on the Brazilian team this year.


Beatriz and Branca Feres are identical twins who were born on February 22, 1988 in Brazil. They are 20-years-old. Beatriz is called Bia for short. They are synchronized swimmers and represented Brazil in the 2007 Pan American games in synchronized swimming. They have been featured on the cover of VIP magazine, and a Paparazzo shoot. When they aren’t swimming, they are working as models. As you can see from their photos, they probably have a great future ahead in modeling.


Baron Davis is Left to Dry: Elton Brand Leaves Clippers

9 07 2008

j in ur facealmost a week and a half from signing Baron Davis, the LA Clippers and The Philly 76ers started bidding for who could have possibly been the best free agent this year, Elton Brand. 

Brand had told the Clipps that he was going to come back just to see if he could make a little bit more cash.

ha ha, BS Elton, 

Brand has now signed a five year contract thats valued at $82 mill!!! the move that philly just made now makes them tied for third in the eastern confrence of the NBA, behind Boston and Detroit, but tied with Toronto. lets see if my Bobcats can make a jump for the crown.


The New Madden Looks Friggin Sweet!!!

7 07 2008

i am not only a maddenite myself, but i am attempting to go pro in madden on the xbox 360. so from the moment madden 09 was announced, i have been on EVERY SINGLE DAY for updates, and let me tell you, this madden rips the balls off any other sports game. PERIOD.

this madden has, not 1, not 2, but 85 NEW improvements!

the first thing that some fellow maddenites will be excited about is the death of that annoying radio broadcaster guy. he has now been replaced by the old school tv broadcast style. YAY!

the second thing that die-hards will recognize instantly is that there is a new bluff system reminisant to that of the old skool madden. (ya know, where you press buttons instead of moving the analog stick and telling your opponent to stop looking at your plays) this is the feature that i myself have been diying for. 

annyway, i will post a full review in the future when i camp out and get madden 09, but until then, look me up on xbox live for some old skool ass cuttin at DMStudMuffin15. holla!


Heres a video of the New York Giants vs. New England Patriots in Madden 09. Enjoy!


Seattle Supersonics to go to Oklahoma City

3 07 2008

A group from Oklahoma City has agreed to buy NBA’s Seattle Supersonics and WNBA’s Seattle Storm. The Sonics had other offers from cities like San Jose and Kanas City. Sonics owner Clay Bennett will pay $75 million to the city of Seattle for immediate termination of the lease. The team’s name and colors shall stay in Seattle. Along with other million dollar exchanges, it is looking like the NBA will be in Oklahoma City next season.


Lord Baron to Leave Warriors!

2 07 2008

in a shocking move last week, Baron Davis opted out of his contract with the Golden State Warriors. this move made Baron an unrestricted free agent and also a rich man. just about 20 hours after the free agency period started yesterday, an NBA source reported that Baron verbally agreed to a 5 year, $65M contract with the LA Clippers.  this move devestated TheAce4’s own Shadow, as Shadow is a huge Golden State fan.

this move now makes the Clippers a threat in the Western Conference, along with the other 14 teams in the same conference.                                   -Tokagowa