My name is Shadow. I like to remain mysterious to the rest of you so I will not go in depth to much. Were really just here to do this blog thing and see where it goes. I lean more to the ways of sports, news, some tech, and random stuff (unlike Tokagowa who is definently into tech and sports).  Well, I’m a Florida State Seminole all the way, i really don’t care how much they suck, i will root for them no matter what. Email: , if you want any ‘special’ request for a post. This is all i will say for now, I will update this later…

Miłego dnia|玩得高兴|Heb een aardige dag|Ayez un beau jour|Haben Sie einen schönen Tag|Έχετε μια συμπαθητική ημέρα|Abbia un giorno piacevole|天気の良い日を過しなさい|좋은 하루 되세요|Tenha um dia agradável|Имейте славный день|Tenga un día agradable|Have a nice day



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