The Vault

The Vault is designed to keep future posts and recent actions weve done on the blog and old posts. We will write down any posts that may be coming up soon and so that we here at Ace can see what each other is going to post and so that you can see what’s coming. We will also write down ‘under construction’ or ‘in production’, stuff like that, posts. Leave a comment for a certain post that you want us to post and who you want to write (if you want to).

Thr33 Ringz by Shadow (re-modeled)

Guitar Hero: World Tour by Shadow (remodeled with confirmed tracks)

Gears of War Movie??? Leaked Plot by tokagowa (finished and released)

iPhone Killer by Shadow (under construction)

Urban Legends by Irishman (not even close)

The Happening Sucked by Irishman (who knows?)


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